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Irrigation Maintenance

Irrigation is a vital system to deliver the water your turf grass, ornamental plants, and trees need to survive and thrive in our desert climate. Peaceful Valley is a comprehensive irrigation one-stop shop performing system installations, maintenance, repairs, blowouts, and start-ups for commercial, residential, and subdivisions. Our goal is to properly deliver the water your lawn and landscape needs to thrive.

Irrigation Maintenance: Services

Start-up Service

It is important to get your water going in the spring to promote a healthy landscape. In the Springtime we turn your water on, re-program the system controller, check zone for pressure, check the rain sensor, adjust sprinkler nozzles, and check for leaks.

Wet grass
Image by Patrick Pahlke

Winterization Shut-off

Complimentary to start-ups we also winterize in the Fall by draining and blowing out water from each zone and main line. We also inspect and recommend repairs if necessary. Wintertime is a great time for repairs!

Sprinkler Maintenance

Overtime sprinklers need to be repaired, replaced, unclogged, or realigned. We will diagnose and solve all sprinkler issues in a timely manner. We use quality parts that are more durable and resilient to the common silt filled irrigation water of the Grand Valley area.

Image by Hamed Taha

Irrigation Repair

Every day your system needs repairs is a day your lawn, ornamental plants, and trees go without water. Our repair services are comprehensive including but not limited to controller programming, cleaning & flushing out solenoid valves, fixing broken water lines, and electrical troubleshooting. We will get your irrigation system back up and running!

Irrigation Maintenance: Services

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