Lawn Care Maintenance

Quality lawn care services increase the curb appeal and value of your home. Walk outside your home to a healthy lush landscape with the Peaceful Valley service your yard deserves. We can maintain and create a golf course quality experience in your very own backyard!

Lawn Mower Selection Support

Lawn Care

Our lawn care service gives your lawn a fresh clean cut. The edges are carefully cut back, and difficult angles are trimmed. We hand pull out-of-place weeds in your lawn or nearby flowerbeds. The debris is then removed from the yard leaving you with perfect lines and healthy grass.

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Xeriscape Care

We also provide care for xeriscape landscapes tending to your plants, removing debris, nutrient nourishment, and controlling weeds & insects. We have hands-on and hands-off options

Core Aeration

It is vital to a healthy lawn to be aerated at least once per year. Aeration gives your grass space to “breath” as the roots require some oxygen to grow. Pulling the soil up introduces thatch-decomposing microorganisms from the soil to the top of the thatch layer which is a layer of dead grass that strangles your lawn.

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Plants need food to grow, and we provide seasonally appropriate nutrients for them to thrive. We use slow release granular or sprayable formulas that activate when wet, the same time your grass wants to uptake nutrients! Granular applications are best in the Spring and Fall.

Clean-up Services

Whether you own a commercial property, business, its springtime, or a storm just created a mess of your property, we clean up any mess in your yard. We remove debris, trash, vegetation, and tidy up your shrubs and small trees leaving your landscape look like it is brand new. Be the envy of your neighborhood!

Falling Leaves
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Soil Amendment

Maintain your soil’s PH and nutrient balance with amendments. We analyze and prepare a site-specific mixture of products and supplements to create a healthy ecosystem in your yard’s soil. Over time our soil becomes imbalanced due to overwatering, animal waste, and pollution. We use natural materials such as lime, phosphorus, and iron to return your soil to balance.


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