Snow Removal

Snow may be rare in Grand Junction, but it can hinder services and businesses when it does happen. Peaceful Valley is well-equipped to manage any snow problems you may have. Keep your place of business safe for your customers from slipping on ice to losing traction in your parking lot.


Snow Plowing

Your business needs to be accessible. Our snow plowing services clear your parking lots and driveways so your customers can safely navigate to your business. We begin plowing at a minimum of 2 inches of snowfall.

Ski Resort
Shovelling Snow

Walkway Clearing

Your residential or commercial walkways are important to have cleared of dangerous conditions such as snow and ice. We shovel, plow, and spread ice melt to keep people safe on your walkways.

Snow & Ice Melt

We use eco-friendly products to melt snow and ice from any walking or driving surface. We do not use products that spread salt into nearby grass or landscaping with ornamental plants. Don’t let your sidewalk be a slip hazard like this one!

Snow Covered Car

Snow Hauling

It is not always feasible to stockpile the plowed snow on the premises of your business. Our experienced operators follow all safety measures to assure your parking lot, yard, or storage space is free and clear of stockpiled snow. While rare, excess snow is a safety concern for your customers in the Grand Valley.


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