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Vegetation Management

Your landscape is our masterpiece. Using a combination of environmentally & pet friendly weed control products and fertilizers our expert licensed applicators treat your yard as their own. Our services will provide season long vitality to your lawn, landscaped beds, and ornamental plants.

Vegetation Management: Services

Lawn Weed Control

Our premier lawn health service delivers healthy green grass and pet-friendly weed control.

  • Natural nitrogen fertilizer

  • Broadleaf weed control

  • Pre-emergent weed control

Colonial Sandstone Cottage House

Weed Free Landscape

Your xeriscape, rock, and gravel landscape are prime locations for weeds to spring up. Our ground clear service will prevent plants from germinating for numerous months and our pre-emergent mix is completely safe to use around desired ornamental plants.

Deep Root Injections

Healthy trees can add as much as 20% to the market value of your property. Many of our favorite trees are non-native ornamentals that require extra care. Even more, our typical neighborhood environment is not as nurturing to a tree as a natural forest can be. Peaceful Valley provides the nutrients and care that your trees need to thrive!

  • Fertilization that nourishes trees & nearby plants

  • Systemic insect control makes trees undesirable to insects

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Emergency Tree Care

Insects and disease love to eat trees. In large numbers they cause irreparable damage which results in decreased tree canopy coverage, gross protrusions of frass & sap, and ultimately your tree dies. Our tree care rescue package will fight an infestation giving your trees renewed life.

  • Deep root injections

  • Topical saturation treatment

  • Organic oil tree cover application

Fruit Tree Care

Fruit trees need special care treatments with consideration to pests eating the tree and fruits and that you want to eat the fruit being grown from the tree without risk of toxic chemicals. Our full season care package keeps your trees free of bugs and safe to consume during the harvest season.

Image by Jason Leung
Image by Fauzan Saari

Granular Fertilizer

Plants need food to grow, and we provide seasonally appropriate nutrients for them to thrive. We use slow release granular or sprayable formulas that activate when wet, the same time your grass wants to uptake nutrients! Granular applications are best in the Spring and Fall.

Shrub Care

Shrubs are a valuable aspect of landscaping. They provide privacy, beauty, shade, and backdrop to a curated lawn. Reduce the number of insects eating your shrubs and give it a boost to grow vibrant and healthy.

  • Slow-release granular fertilizer

  • Deep root injections

  • Topical insect eradication treatments

Manicured Garden

Pond Management

Ponds are uniquely balanced ecosystems of life. We carefully assess and manage pond health throughout the season. We offer professional results whether you use your pond for irrigation, fishing, recreation, or beauty.

Vegetation Management: Services

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